Dead Drunk Dublin & Other Imaginal Spaces is an online magazine which grew out of a long poem of the same name by the editor, Andrew Lovatt. DDD first appeared online about 2002 and has grown to include new creative work from a diverse group of poets, writers, artists, photographers and thinkers. If you’d like to contribute, first please visit the magazine at, and see Contribute link there.

Dead Drunk Dublin & other imaginal spaces is  a gathering of poets and artists who would question the seeming solidity of known points of reference. Together we explore the space through poetry, fiction and writing, imagery, animation and video, music and any art form that suits.

The definition of appeal, even and especially in aesthetics, is that which resonates. something is perceived and it “rings true” with something in us. archetypally though, since our “view” is idiosyncratically our own, it’s impossible to really state that the thing “seen” is separate from our way of looking. this is the space we explore.

Sound is music, and music is inscrutable, and yet it is the most global of conveyors. we might shut our eyes, but it is near impossible to “not listen”.

Film flickers at 24 frames a second. it is the earliest of trance systems. whatever the actual image, sound or story, the 24-beat will have its effect. the drone begins. all this behind and before we consider film as a great collaborative modern art form.


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