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May 26, 2007

the editor of deaddrunkdublin
Please see www.deaddrunkdublin.com for the full website. this space is to blog on… and announcements of new editions.

…and you’d think that having a free blather space would suit the Irish no end, being folks who like to banter and generally carry on verbally! Which is why you’ll find the mobile phone in the hands of nearly every Irish person from pre-teens on up… as if the technology was invented with just themselves in mind.

…and here’s the drift of it all – that there is more in the message than the mere words: the form of speech in Ireland is decidedly Gaelic, dressed in Hiberno-English. As if they’d take this foreign Anglo vowel thing and twist it and use it ’til it didn’t sound like the original at all, at all. When we hear Irish English we’re hearing the rhythms of Gaelic and the wit of the Irish mind.

That’ll do for a start. Welcome… and don’t forget to check out our main site!

Andrew Lovatt
deaddrunkdublin & other imaginal spaces


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